First public auction

Billions House company held the first public auction on the facebook of our business development director.

This is our first trial step in the popularization and search for young talents of the fine arts - painting.

And I want to say that this experience was successful!

The main condition of the auction was that the work was available to as many people as possible, was in the public domain either in the office of a company or representative office, or at an exhibition or gallery.

We are grateful to Mrs. Oksana Gospodarikova who honestly won this auction, and this money prize will serve as a guarantee for the development of a new creativity of the young generation in the person of Marta Gerasimenko.

The work of a novice artist, 12 years old, insanely talented. "Evening Podil", acrylic on canvas, 50x40 will be exhibited at the hotel "White Square" st. Zlatoustovskaya, 51.

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